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When to contact an Interior Designer?

The sooner the better. If you planning a refurbishment, renovation or extension or you want to purchase new furniture, it is worth it to contact an Interior Designer in advance. You may save double cost by making right choices, and it will also give you an opportunity to go further with design - for example, designing a lighting plan, dividing the space or engaging the Interior designer in communication with the architect from the beginning of the project.

Whenever you are ready, just book your first appointment and we will be happy to come to discuss your project. 

How big the project must be?

You may plan to have the whole house designed or are just thinking about improving one small room, have new curtains made or get help with a layout of the existing furniture. Whatever the scale is, we are able to help.

How does it work?

The very first step is to arrange a visit on site and discuss the scope of work you would like to be delivered. Based on this initial brief an estimated timeframe and fees will be provided. We will ask you questions about you, what style you like, which colours you like or don't, how you use the space etc., so that we are able to create space which will suit your style and needs. 

How long will it take?

Every project is different and so the timescale will always vary. Actual timescale for project will be discussed and agreed on prior to the start of the work. You will always be up to date with the project timeline and key milestones. 

How much will it cost?

Our fees are agreed with client prior to any work starting and are based on scope of work agreed at the first meeting. Any additional costs are discussed with client and are generally based on additional work asked for by client. 

What can I get from White Rabbit Interiors in term of style?

At White Rabbit Interiors we like and understand minimalistic interiors and like to create unusual interiors with character and atmosphere. That said we are confident to create any kind of style or combination of styles to your liking. Every client has a different taste and that should always be reflected in the interior to create unique personal space. 

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